Quiet misfits is especially for unique, quirky, introverted, highly sensitive, empathic and autistic women, and the creative, valuable, multi layered, human experiences that shape them.

Hello. My name is Lyndsey. I’m all of the above. As I began to explore and create resources about what it is to be different but the same, I decided to record my findings on Quiet misfits.

I was diagnosed with autism spectrum condition in 2019 (but you don’t have to be). I’m so fucking smart in so many ways but was average and isolated pretty much everywhere because of how conversations are supposed to go, understanding relationships & non verbal/non literal communication, and how we’re supposed to share our lives, interests and emotions. Every day, like so many others, I work on managing my energy, sensory differences, and being neuro-bilingual to the best of my ability; that you might not see us doing this is testament to our work, but we’re exhausted, from keeping it up and getting disconnected for our mistakes. I have a dream that one day our efforts will be better understood from the inside out rather than from the outside looking in, our autistic female voices will be heard, and we’ll feel inclusion inside and outside the roles we perform. I’d like to inspire all quiet misfits, autistic or not, to share their truth.

Lyndsey Pearce

“Lyndsey Pearce: reader, mind-mapper, doodler, writer”

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