Creativity for introverts and highly sensitive people



Did you get overwhelmed in an open plan office at work? Were you tired at school in the afternoon lessons from doing a lot of peopling and eating all that shite in the canteen? Did you need a bit longer to digest information, and that got you labelled as slow? Aah, remember the time you were inventing a new thing in your brain whilst looking out of the window, and that got you labelled dreamy, dizzy, empty!?! 

Dreaming is work. Introverts are always on the edge of the future, inventing, dreaming, creating, but what school and work places think of as creativity doesn’t always factor in introversion and its associated gifts.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams…” – Eleanor Roosevelt

What is creativity? Well there’s the old adage that creativity is born out of constraint…limitations on time, conditions, money. Creativity is also those flashes, those sparks, where something just pops up that you didn’t plan. So if you don’t have to plan anything, and you don’t need time, the right conditions, or money, it should be right up our street, yes?

So I want to give you permission to dream and tap into your creativity. It actually starts with rest. Sit still for a moment and try not to think, and just relax your shoulders and any tension in your body. Go for a walk and sit near some water if you can, just so you can hear water; it’ll calm your nervous system. Doodle thoughts, impressions, feelings. Don’t judge what you produce as you have been judged—it’ll be tempting to tell yourself how shit everything is, but notice if you speak to yourself like this, and ignore it, carry on. Don’t judge how you do what you do, just do it without censorship. Do this for 5 minutes. Now tell me there’s no time to be creative.

I’ll see you at the park!




Lyndsey Pearce


Lyndsey Pearce

Lyndsey Pearce is a UK based writer. She finds reading Sarah Scribbles a lovely thing to do between colouring in and drinking hot chocolate.


Quiet misfits mulls over introversion, energy management, autism in females, highly sensitive people, managing loss, LGBT women, creativity, and being yourself.  

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